Spring Exhibition 21st March 2015

Excellent - Fascinating - Interesting - Congratulations

 Wonderful displays - Found our boundaries!


Judging by the comments in our Visitor's Book,  it would seem our Spring Exhibition was a resounding success!

It was very rewarding to see so many people taking such an interest in our displays; everyone was so complementary.  Donations amounted to over £400, we would like to thank everyone for their generosity; this means we can continue with our project.  Since starting our journey, it was been amazing how much has been achieved in a relatively short time.  During the course of Saturday, ideas and suggestions have been put forward, which we will be following up.

The 'mini back room cinema' proved popular with audiences; at one 'screening' we had people standing in the aisles!  Sadly, many of the characters featured in the film are no longer with us.  However, just like the photographs, census records and documents, displayed in the main hall, they will be recorded as part of Balsham's history.

Photographs taken on the day are being gathered and a small selection  appears in here in our Event photos

We now look forward to a bit of a break, but plans are well underway involving Holy Trinity Church and ourselves for the forthcoming Boundary Walk on Sunday 6th September.  This will cover ground walked by early mapmakers. A lot of interest has been expressed already.

Full details will be available shortly; we will keep you up-to-date with events during the coming months.