January 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE MAP GROUP.  As 2016 dawns we are nearly two years into our project.  Little did we realise when embarking on this journey where it would take us.

How do we formulate all the material we have gathered? This coming year we start to collate the maps, pictures and written work we have accumulated.  How many pages will our book contain? This year we aim to find out.

We are still in the process of transcribing the original parcels of land shown on Thomas Langdon's original 1617 map.  Some names still appear on the 1910 Land Tax records for the village..  Are they from the same family? A tentative look at early records shows a John Killingworth (1617) of a near- by village of Pampisford,  is he a very distant relation of John KIllingworth a shepherd living in a 5 bedroom house in Linton Road in 1911? This opens up another avenue of investigation! 

WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE BALSHAM PLOUGHMEN  who have kindly included us in their fund raising celebrations on 11th January Plough Monday.  If you have not witnessed this cololurful and lively event,  why not come along?  Starting at 5.00pm in the Cambridge/Linton Road area, the Ploughboys', accompanied by the Cambridge Morris Men will be pleased to see you as they proceed through the village during the evening.