Hedgerows and Boundaries

The old hedgerow boundaries were well documented at the start of our project.  As you cross the A11 road towards Balsham the 30 metre wide belt of beech trees with hawthorn hedges planted by Charterhouse of London, come into view.;  at Dotterel, records show that migrating 'Dotterel' birds roosted here.

The west and east hedgerows lining Fox Road contain, hawthorn, blackthorn, elder, rose, ash and apple. Similar species occur to the north east of the village. In recent times new developments have incorporated the same hedgerow species with the addition of Scots pine, oak and holly. During the last 10 years a beech and hornbeam hedge has been newly planted and provided another boundary.

The hedgerows continue to provide borders and boundaries between neighbours and farmland, which provide a vital wildlife haven.