Our four year journey is nearly over, now it's over to you to enjoy our book!

At the time of writing the printing of our book has begun; a most interesting morning has recenty been spent at Langham Press Foxton to see the pages neatly stacked as they come off the press, ready to be cut and folded into book form.

Within the book, we are delighted to have contributions from Dr Stephen Porter former archivist to London Charterhouse who still have an interest in the village as commissioners of the 1617 map. With a foreword from Dr Susan Oosthuizen, who, back in 2013 gave a talk on this earliest known map of Balsham, and motivated the idea to create a book and celebrate its 400th anniversary in 2017.

The project has been totally reliant on the generosity, expertise and enthusiasm of the group members.  We are grateful, also, to the people of Balsham and beyond who additionally offered financial support, and visited our exhibitions and events. All of which, has enabled us to accomplish  our aim and give a book to every household in the village.

Plans are underway for our book launch on the 16th November, when members of the group who researched and compiled the book look forward to meeting you. We really hope you enjoy our book.