Property and Prices

Like many villages, Balsham has seen an increase in development over the years, with the inevitable rise in prices. Sales particulars show the vast different between 'then and now'.

In February 1889,  3 cottages, with shed, stable and a range of out buildings changed hands for £65.  

In 1903 a property abutting the High Street, plus a piece of land in 'Broadfield' measuring 3R 14P was let for an annual rent of £13. 12s.

In the 1960's and 1970's quite a lot of development took place. A 2-bed-roomed semi-detached bungalow would cost around £3,150; a 3 bed-roomed semi-detached house was selling for around £4,750. Detached  properties commanded a slightly higher price.  

The original 1617 map shows us who rented or owned the land where some of these modern day developments now stand. Old House Road shows Wm and Thos Simon were there 400 years ago. Similarly, Trinity Close is on the site of a former Manor House; Sleford Close on land occupied by Ric Marshe.  Dolls Close by Edm. Marshe and Princes Close by Jo Haylock.

Further developments are planned for 2017 on land previously occupied by Ric Marshe and  Ro Cranfield, also on part of a site shown as Hornygate.  What prices will they fetch?