Planning the pages

We had a great meeting on Friday at the Church Institute, checking our progress with our content. How do we know what we're writing?

As you can imagine, 400 years of history in one book is a challenge! That's a lot of years and a lot of history. Last year we compiled a list of the subjects we'd like to cover, making sure that this list was relevant to the maps of Balsham and provides previously unseen photos and new information. Shortly after this, a page plan was compiled so we can work out how many pages we'll have professionally designed and the print quote can be prepared. This helps with our fundraising too.

On Friday we read through the topics that our team of authors have been working on, studied our folder set up on the screen and checked our page plan. We also agreed the schedule so we can hand over our work to the designer. We've set the end of writing for 7th June and this means we have a publication date. More on this and our book launch over the summer!

In the meantime do pop along to the Valuation day, the team will be there and all funds will go towards this book and archiving the information for future generations. You'll also be able to see a few pages from the book!


Just one of the many photos that will appear in the Balsham map book

Just one of the many photos that will appear in the Balsham map book