Place names of Balsham

In our book Balsham, a village story 1617-2017, we described some of the place names of Balsham and where our research showed an origin. We’d love to know if you have stories to tell us about the name of a place you know in the village, perhaps a house or landmark? Get in touch by email by clicking here.

Old House Road, Balsham

Old House Road, Balsham

  • Burrell Way Named after Canon Burrell, Rector of Balsham (1910-1934). Formerly called Back Lane, renamed in 1964.

  • Cambridge Road Leading to Cambridge, once called Porte Way.

  • Dolls Close Formerly owned by Christian Charles Tyler Doll, architect and trustee of the Prince family. Dungate Lane Road leading to a farm, which was built on the site of the Dun Gate at Fleam Dyke.

  • Fox Road Originally called Fox Field in enclosures.

  • Goodliffe Avenue Named after the Goodliffe family who lived in ‘Robins’ and sold some of their land for development.

  • Horseshoe Close Once the site of ‘Horseshoe Villa’ with the new housing built in a horseshoe shape. May’s Avenue Named after the May family who were owners of land and benefactors of this parish. Nine Chimney Lane Small lane leading to Nine Chimney House.

  • Old House Road Road leading to Plumian Farm, also known as Old House Farm.

  • Plumian Way The land and farm were endowed by the Plumian Professor of Astronomy, Cambridge in 1801.

  • Princes Close Land formerly owned by the Prince family who were once well known as generous benefactors to the Parish.

  • Sleford Close Named after John de Sleford, a King’s Clerk and Rector of Balsham 1390.

  • The Brambles Name of the original house on this site built in a well known bramble area.

  • The Rookery Large elm trees housed a rookery here to which the developers were sympathetic and built around the trees.

  • Trinity Close Named after Holy Trinity Church, which the Close backs onto.

  • West Wickham Road Road to West Wickham, formerly known in early records as Rose Green and Main Street.

  • Woodhall Lane Road leading to Woodhall Farm and Balsham Wood.

  • Worsted Lodge Wool Street Lodge, the Icknield Way crosses at this point.

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