Our book looks like a book!

Screen shot of our pages from the designer at thumbnail size

Screen shot of our pages from the designer at thumbnail size

June was a very busy month for us. We had a deadline of 16th June when we needed to hand over all the material we had written to our designer. This meant a last read through our Word files and making difficult decisions over what images we could include (don't worry, any that didn't make it will appear on the website).

The files were then copyedited so we are consistent in our phrases which is always tricky with lots of writers! At the same time the photos were scanned in at high resolution thanks to the heroic efforts of our team. Seppe and Jan in particular had a lot to sort out and we're delighted to see our maps looking lovely thanks to Seppe's talents.

The photo above is a teasing glimpse of what the pages look like at the moment. Our designer, Berenice at Hello Lovely, who has volunteered to create our book is putting all our material into order and is about half way through at the time of writing. She uses a programme called Indesign to do this along with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Once the page are all set, she will send us a proof. This is to check text, to ensure that the images are with the right words and any queries are resolved. We'll have 3 of these stages. Finally the files go to our printers in September - we're working to a strict schedule set by Berenice!

We'll be updating in our progress as we go along so keep checking in.