How a book is constructed

How a book is constructed

The design of our book is being completed in Indesign. It's part of Adobe Creative Cloud which has numerous different type of software for print, animation, web and design. It includes Acrobat to read PDF files, Typekit for legal font use, Photoshop and Lightroom for photographic work and Illustrator for illustrations and diagrams. All of these programmes are being used for our book just as it would be for any professional publishing house.

Planning the route to publication

The team met up this evening to plan out the book. Content is very important, after all we are aiming to produce a great publication that will record our village from 1617 to 2017, but so is the planning. We’re lucky to be supported by some professionals and we have learnt that how we approach this project is critical to it’s success.

Using their lessons learned and experience, we’ve created a subject list and thought about the feedback you have given us at our exhibitions. We have lots of wonderful houses in the village and we will write about those, but we are also going to look at the sites where new houses have been built too. We’ll explore shops, transport and the affect of the wars too, the church and celebrations.

Our fledging author team has been established and tasked with writing a draft 100 word pieces for our February meeting. We are also seeking an experienced editor with skills in Harvard referencing styles to aid us later in the year. If you can help, please get in touch!