Second proofs away

Berenice explains about the second proofs of the book.

I’ve been busy working on the second proof stage of the book I mentioned here. This means taking in all the first proof corrections, checking off the articles, collating the comments and answering queries. I’ve also been creating a timeline that made best use of the material. There’s a lot of portraits that don’t really fit into the book as there aren’t any articles on them so they’re appearing in the timeline instead to lift the design. It needs careful design to fit in the middle of a big book so the gutter has to be taken into account (the part where the book binds has to be worked around so that the text doesn’t ‘drop’ into and can’t be read).  Infographics are an art in themselves, requiring clear typography, context, best use of space and ultimately simple even if the design took a long time to do!

I am also noting down any low resolution images that won’t get through the preflight check. Preflight means a check to ensure the Indesign document will make a print ready PDF and hit the print machines without any errors. Errors mean delays which mean extra charges and that won’t do for any client.
— Berenice Smith, Hello Lovely Design
Here's a sneaky clip of the time line!

Here's a sneaky clip of the time line!