Book launch planning and ebooks

We have two proof stages to go which means the end is almost in site. This week we have a mammoth list of tasks to do...

Handing our second proof corrections to Berenice of Hello Lovely who has been dealing with the book now it's at design, ordering the ISBNs and writing the back cover copy text, agreeing the front cover which is very exciting. We've also contacted two people without whom, we'd never have thought to publish a book, for their reviews.

The next step is to send our third proofs to the proofreader for a second check of our words. Then one last proof check and we'll send to the printers. The last stage is Berenice converting our file to an ebook. We thought a lot about this but it means that our book can be read by anyone across the world. We'll explain how this works in our update around October.

In the meantime we are plotting the book launch. It'll be local and in time for you to pick up a copy before Christmas... yes it's August and we mentioned that word. You can find out more at the Great Balsham Boundary Walk on 10th September when we'll announce all the details and you can grab yourself an invite!